Why Spruce

We pay attention

At Spruce, our success is directly aligned with yours. Firmly seated on your side of the table, we take a thoughtful, innovative approach to asset protection and growth that incorporates the power of compounding returns, year after year. 

As a trusted partner with our clients, we deliver:

  • Objective, independent advice
  • Proprietary risk management
  • Access to global investment opportunities
  •  Professional staff from leading investment banks, hedge funds and private equity firms

Our first concern is always with shedding unnecessary risk. We look at risk from both a market perspective and a fund or individual security perspective. Based on decades of experience and constantly refined proprietary modeling, we weigh expected returns against anticipated volatilities. We construct and tactically adjust portfolios according to these measurements, consistent with your goals and risk appetite.

Spruce's diversified portfolios frequently consist of a combination of traditional and alternative asset classes worldwide - a complex and creative construction that we believe will yield attractive results, often with less downside risk.

Daily focus on achieving investor goals

Agility is vital to our success, so we keep a vigilant eye on the rapid pace of developments in today's domestic and international markets, rebalancing your investments as needed - daily, if necessary - to take advantage of subtle changes in climate.

Above all, we believe in genuine, open partnership, and work closely with each of our clients to address their concerns and their long-term goals.